New Features

  • In case if some people were too lazy to go into a category and go into a random page, we have added a button, in each menu in the page header, which leads into a random page into a specific category.
  • Added links to subcategories in navboxes.
  • Added "Match time" for Infobox Mode, as well as in the articles describing modes.


  • Reduced the amount of section headers in Template:Infobox Gadget.
  • Renamed "Feature Article" to "Page of the Week", just like the wiki's old days.
  • Large tables will have a floating table header when scrolling down.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where the button in the Discussions module appears to be ugly when hovered.
  • Fixed issue where some gadgets may have the second form as the third form.
  • Fixed issue where the ToC in some pages appear to be located in the middle of the introduction. FloatingToc was removed from Common.js, and we only kept the buttons that lead to the ToC.

Known Issues

  • The Edit icon doesn't appear next to headings, or in some icons.
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