Drop rate are as follows, you get about: 20 parts per small chest 30 parts for king 90 parts for mega Entire weapon or gems or coins for event

Its base factor in each chest actually varies from 8-12.5, and most commonly a factor of 9 parts

So using the average (most common) you could say that your getting more parts (but less weapons?/ weapons are found in all chests) and consistent with its cost less keycards in small chests per gem 💎

X2= 18 for 30 gems /25 keycards

X3= 27 for 80 gems /75 keycards

X10=81 for 220 gems /250 keycards

Using small chests you will yield more exact and consistent parts you need, each weapon will require the same number of missing parts to craft, and you will receive parts at the same time as keycards to unlock event chests (1000 keycards) as you slowly collect parts to craft at the same time

Say you buy 400 parts (40 small chests=1000 keycards, you will receive roughly 67 parts for each weapon, the event chest has a 0.7 chance (7 out of 10 chance) of giving you an entire weapon because of the bonus item (developers armor) coins and gems (and used to be pets)

-this is the part im not sure of theres actually 9 prizes but making it 0.777 percent chance (or 1/9 percent chance) but im going with a lower statistic because after you get a weapon i dont know the chance of getting coins or gems stays the same or not, and the removed item could be a different drop rate or x2 gems, what matters is when you obtain more parts the parts per weapon will increase each time you earn towards an event chest because you have already obtained a weapon

So now you are buying another 400 parts to get =1000 keycards but instead of 67 parts you have +75 parts from 5.3 weapons =142 parts in total

Now imagine buying another 400 parts to add up to 1000 keycards and there are 4.6 weapons left with( 142+86 parts)=225 parts each this time (only 25 parts needed for each weapon not crafted

Now you need 3.9 weapons x25 parts because you got another 0.7 weapons= making a total of 100 parts needed

You have bought roughly 1300 parts in total (some are wasted because you have an even distribution buying parts before you get them from the event chest and spent 3250 keycards / 130 small chests (which cost 3900 gems)

You can get free chests /keys from leveling up in game modes, trophy road, leveling up your character (every 5 levels is a king chest), and also checking in and playing x3/per day gives you 800 keys towards small chests, and chests obtained from battle pass

Remember to craft the weapon if it doesnt remove the weapon from your game, in most cases if you have the parts you are allowed to save them thus upgrading the weapon for free by crafting it at a higher level or when you reach max level 65

So remember in order to obtain the parts small chests are better for more parts per gem, and more consistent because you will get fewer parts at a time (And of course the larger chests are faster, overall rewards may be better for the larger chests example last kiss was in a mega chest, and carrot sword while the rarity of bonus weapons from smaller chests may be lesser such as brave patriot, this isnt tested or proven yet, that the weapons are even different in each type of chest)

Two more videos to help JS:[[1]]


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Small Chests 18.0

Small Chests 18.0.0 Drop Rates and New Rewards System

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