Actually the title of this blog is pretty hard to explain but before starting I would like to thank the person who ispired me to make my wiki acount and he is Great Killa OE check him out he is cool so with that out of the way lets start.

Before examining the best weapons we need to know the playing styles here are some of them:

2,3,4,5,6 cat spamming


OP Weapons spammers


1- Ultimatum high damage good spread for a shotgun means that it has quite a good range and its exclusive wallbreak ability for primary shotguns is the icing on the cake but on the down side both input and output + if by mistake switched from ultimatum to for example anti-champion or exterminator boom you have a 3sec delay most recomended to professinal 3catspammers.

2- Viking basicly the ultimatum with less damage and range formore abilities bleeding and armour bonus for higher fire rate and easier acess and less cost as it costs roughly 350 gems or 1000k coupons unlike the ultimatum 1000k gems very unlikly to return and cant be bought for coupons unless it is in the Traders Van.

3- Acid Shotgun super op pioson and no output or input for wider spread and less amo.

Ok sorry for this being short if you like it tell me in the comments and right any weapon you want it to be mentioned.

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