In pixel gun 3D, there are a lot of good guns like the ultimatum but then you’ve got guns that shouldn’t even be in the game judging how bad they are like the flaming volcano.This article will recommend you not to use the following 10 guns listed below and number 1 is the worst.

-10.instigator, this used to be an overpowered heavy gun but it has been humongous lay nerfed loving it to be one of the worst mythical weapons ever even the toxic bane is better than this

-9.lancelot, this is a disappointing gun.It is a clan gun and it is a primary gun but the thing is this has very delayed bullet travel time it is a burst gun and it only has a few bullets in it.

8.harpy.Yet another disappointing gun, this is pistol in the magic season of the battle pass and it’s not even free.This gun has no scope , it is very difficult aim with and not to mention the bullet cool down is very annoying and finally it does barely any damage

7.charge sniper.This is a shocking weapon to see here but this gun in not just normal modes but also in battle Royale it is a horrible weapon firstly it has a charge effect but it takes way to long, the bullet sometimes doesn’t go in the right direction you want it to go into and finally it’s damage even when full charge is not enough.

6.fireworks launcher.This is a sandbox weapon and it is horrible.It only has 4 shots in its clip and it doesn’t do that much damage.

5.dual shotguns.This is the midpoint of this article and this weapon is very bad.It almost uses up all the bullets to kill someone not to mention that the reload time is very delayed.

4.flaming volcano.In my opinion, this is the second worst flamethrower in pixel gun 3D as it has no range and it doesn’t do pretty much any damage well it does have some but it sucks. spell.This spellbook is a very bad one and has barely has any ammo, it is a very weak gun even on level 65 and it has very it seems the rest are way better than this as the bullet travel speed is very slow

2.Mr dj.This is another sandbox weapon and it is very bad.This has no ammo,it has barely any range and finally it is in back up when it should’ve been a melee.

1.Mystical ore emmiter.This in my opinion is the worst weapon and flamethrower in the game.This weapon has many flaws, firstly it has no range whatsoever, secondly the damage radius is very low meaning it’s damage isn’t enough to kill an enemy and finally you can tell it’s bad as it’s a common

And there are 10 weapons that suck and aren’t recommended [[File:Example[[File:
Example.jpg]]]] rarity weapon
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