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The following page is a user-created tutorial and not an official page. The content might not follow editing guidelines.

This is page is for players who are having trouble deciding what weapon to purchase. Treat this as a guide and not the definitive tier list! This list is not based on personal opinions. Performance is the priority for deciding a weapon's place in the list, and it will be considered for casual playstyle only. The list does not include weapons from the Advanced Arsenal set (some weapons are in the Battle Royale mode).

The page is currently under revision.


Tier Weapon Description Image

of Weapon

1. Psionic Sporethrower The Psionic Sporethrower has a high damage output, perfect for casual playstyle. It also has the Charm and Poison attribute which helps lowering enemies' damage and deal damage to them over time.
2. Ice Chaser will slow down your enemies making them easier to hit, as well as the more damage to the Curse attribute that will make them take more damage per hit. The gun itself also has a pretty fast fire rate.

Same as Ice Chaser, Storm has a fast fire rate but with Area Damage attribute, although the area of damage is not that large it will certainly help to hit the enemy. The fact that Storm damage is as great as Ice Chaser also makes this an excellent choice for Primary.

3. Aloha! Boom Boom! A gun with high damage output and a high fire rate can slow down enemies making them easier to hit.
4. The Chickaboom! is a very high damage shotgun with a decent fire rate. It also has the Deals damage during reloading attribute which comes in handy at close range when attacking low health enemies.

Last Squeak is a burst shotgun that shoots 3 bullets at a time and can make quick work of your enemies at close-medium range. The poison is also effective when going against low health players.

5. Clan themed dual guns that shoot automatically with a high fire rate. Furthermore, it can deal critical damage as well, which means that there is a chance that it would deal twice the damage. Moreover, it can give increased damage to nearby allies and teammates.

A weapon that shoots two bullets at once. It is able to slow down any target you hit, and its slowing intensity is pretty considerable. Although there is no scope and you move slow.

Stormtrooper Exoskeleton.png
6. A good automatic Primary with a high fire rate. It is able to slow down enemies and has a 4x scope.

A Primary that deals high damage, although it does not have much fire rate.

Royal Fighter.png
Eckodile rifle.png
7. A high damage and decent fire rate shotgun that comes with Bleeding effect, although the bleeding isn't that strong the damage is already enough for it to be a one hit at close range.

The Acid Shotgun is known for it's powerful poison effect and pretty high damage for a non-delay shotgun. It is a great weapon for both Three Cat Spam and casual plays.

Acid shotgun.png
8. Potato Implant Not quite many people use this weapon but it is surprisingly good with Super Punch, Area Damage, Slow attribute and a decent fire rate making this weapon a 2 shot sometimes even 1 with the Super Punch.
9. Both of the gun are very high damage automatic Primary that can make quick work of your opponent. The Wrath of Fire has a Area of Effect which prevents enemies from coming closer and Burning while Deadly Tail has Super Punch and Area Damage. Although both of these does have travel time.

Heavy Drill Rifle

A gun that also serves as a Melee with Chainsaw attribute. It can deal decent damage with high fire rate and also comes with Bleeding effect.


Tier Weapon Description Images

of Weapons

1. Sneaky Pistol A couple of shots from this bad boy and you will be able to down any player you come across. It is pretty accurate for a weapon that deals this much damage. It can block an enemy's gadget when they are hit and it also disables their ability to jump.
2. Project 'Rapid Flock' A powerful laser Backup that has the ability to pierce through targets and deal a high damage with high fire rate.
3. Laser Cycler Extremely powerful for a weapon with a fire rate of 87. Its high capacity coupled with the ability to pierce through players and slow them down makes for a very intimidating weapon. If you know a player is around a corner, you can even shoot a bullet and hope that it will hit them because it also can Ricochet!
4. Harpy An instant travel time Backup that can deal high damage and a decent fire rate. It also has Area Damage making it easier to hit an enemy or a group of enemies and a Life Steal attribute which helps survive longer in combat.
5. High damage revolvers with a good fire rate, high capacity, and decent mobility. It can 3 shot headshot with good enough leveled damage modules. Its reload is also fast which makes it suitable for intense firefight situations. You can inflict the Burning effect on any target that is hit as well. One downside is that it suffers at long ranges as the weapon is quite inaccurate, even at its first shot.

Dual Anger is on the same boat as the Ritual Revolvers, but instead of Burning, you can Lifesteal from players you hit. It shoots slightly slower than its counterpart but it is satisfying to get kills with.

Ritual Revolvers.png
6. Explosive Lemonade A very powerful gun that kills with just 1-2 shots, although keep in mind that it does have travel time so you must time your shots correctly. It also has the Stun and Slow attribute which means your enemies will not jump and get slowed down, making them easier for you to hit.
7. Both guns have a great damage output per second although need some time to master. Both of them also have Critical Damage attribute which is good at some scenarios.
8. Two very capable weapons. The Thunderer deals more damage, is more prone to weapon bloom at extended periods of shooting, but it has a bigger laser.

The Exterminator is more accurate, deals less damage, and its laser is smaller. Both weapons are 2 shot body and headshot and can even one shot with a elemental high-level module.

9. Echo Scanner An electro-thrower with insane range, pretty high damage, enemy detection and x-ray vision. One of the most effective flamethrower type weapon. Although it is not really good for Three Cat Spam.
10. Big BANG! Revolver An pretty decent Backup that kills enemy/enemies with only 2-3 shots with a moderate fire rate. It also has the Area Damage attribute making it easier to hit your enemy.


Tier Weapon Description Image

of Weapon

1. The Cthulhu Legacy has been proven to be one of the most powerful Melee with it's Healing and Consecutive Explosion attribute which comes in handy in almost every situation. It also has a surprisingly strong Poison effect that even rivals the one of Acid Shotgun. There is also a small Armor Bonus but mostly not notable.

The One-Punch Gauntlet is also a very powerful weapon, hence it's name, it does kill the enemy with only one shot from this weapon in most situation. With the Super Punch, Area Damage and Slow attribute, it will become handy if the enemy somehow survived the first punch.

2. Spirit Staff Fast fire rate, good damage, and good mobility. It also inflicts the Burning effect to whoever it hit. It is considered as one of the most annoying Melees in the game.
3. Bunny Smasher A high damage weapon with a fast fire rate, and good mobility. It can disable jump and gadgets making the enemies unable to escape when hit by this weapon.
4. Moon Halberd A spear that has a very long range. It inflicts the Bleeding effect on whoever is hit. With high enough level damage modules, you can one-shot an enemy to the head.
Moon halberd.png
5. Combat Yo-Yo A very powerful Melee weapon that can hit targets multiple times with just one swing. And can go through Sly Wolf shield.
Combat Yo-Yo-0.png
6. Ice Paws The Ice Paws have good fire rate, decent mobility, and good damage. Overall a very solid Melee weapon.
Ice paws.png
7. Fist of Fate It is a charge weapon that unleashes a barrage of punches that deal a lot of damage if all of the punches hit and will one-shot the enemy. It also has pretty decent mobility.
8. Low mobility, but it is able to surround the player with spikes in a 360 degrees radius which damages players that come in contact with the spikes.

The Healing Staff is the same as the Gold Fever, but it can heal teammates within its radius.

9. Both weapon is surprisingly good as it can 2 shots the enemy and can even 1 shot headshot, they also comes with a pretty high fire rate and the Burning effect.
Dark Force Saber.png
Elder Force Saber.png
10. The Double Cashback is one of the highest mobility weapon in the game allowing you to traverse the map with insane speed. The weapon itself is 2-3 shots and has the Chain Damage attribute but it is not really that effective.

The Heroic Epee is the best healing Melee in the game with 12% per heal, higher than Cthulhu Legacy. It also has fast mobility, Poison and Super Punch attribute.



Tier Weapon Description Image

of Weapon

1. Poison Darts A very powerful Special weapon. Decent fire rate, high capacity, high mobility, and great damage. Its Poison damage is also pretty good as well. Very popular for Three Category Spam. Keep in mind that there is a small delay between pressing the firing button and the weapon actually shooting.
Poison darts icon1 big.png
2. Great weapons that withstood the test of time. They still deal good amounts of damage. Its lasers Ricochet and can pierce through enemies and monsters.
Laser Bouncer.png
3. Alien Bouncer A weapon that is stronger than Laser Bouncer and Reflector, although it has a flaw which is the long Fixed Delay that makes it almost unusable for Three Cat Spam playstyle.
Alien bouncer-0.png
4. Both weapons are a powerful Area Damage Special that is 1-2 shots, it also has a decent fire rate that is good for casual and decent for Three Cat Spam playstyle.
Witch Broom.png
Like Launcher T.png
5. Necklace of the Ice King Considered by many to be an annoying weapon. Its projectiles have instant travel time with Area Damage. Its mobility is low and its initial capacity when spawning in is low. It is a 2 shot kill.
Neclaces ice king .png
6. Portable Death Moon A good alternative for Necklace of the Ice King. Although it does not do as much damage as the NOTIK, it's fire rate is faster and more capacity allowing you to combat without needing to pick up ammo.
Portable Death Moon.png
7. Freon is a very solid flamethrower with good fire rate and capacity, decent mobility and good damage. It also slows down targets that are hit, making them easier to take damage.

The Gravitator is also a good electro-thrower that has gravitation force that pulls nearby enemies and making them easier to hit. The gravitation force also does small damage but it is not notable.

Freon gun.png
8. The Luxury Beats may be difficult to get, but it is definitely a good weapon, although being hated by a lot of players. It deals damage at a 360 degrees radius around the player. It heals teammates when they are within its radius and when enemies are hit, they are inflicted with the Charm effect.

On the other hand, The Deadly Digital System does not heal teammates but can inflict Random Effect and it has infinite capacity which make it also very powerful.

Deadly digital system.png
9. Total Annihilator A very underrated weapon that can two-shot at max Efficiency. Its fire rate is decent with good capacity, and good mobility. Keep in mind that this has Fixed Delay.
Total Annihilator.png
10. Dragon Energy Emitter The Stream Beam attribute can make quick work of an enemy in just a second or two if you can aim precisely. Also, the Burning effect will help taking down lower health enemies.


Tier Weapon Description Image

of Weapon

1. Sniper Dude The most solid Sniper weapon. Great for casuals and Three Category Spammers. Its fire rate is fast for a Sniper, it has a high capacity but low mobility. It has the ability to Piercing Shot and inflicts the Bleeding effect to enemies/monsters that are hit.
2. Morgana One of the most powerful Sniper up to date, it can one-shot enemies at any spot with even low-level modules and overpowered  than even the Anti-Champion Rifle. It also has a Disable Jump attribute which comes in handy if your enemy somehow survived the shot.
3. The Project 'Marlin' has good damage output and a pretty fast fire rate. It can 1 shot headshot and even 1 shot body shot with decent level modules. The gun also can Ricochet off the walls and hit several enemies at a time. It also comes with x-ray vision which is great for detecting hidden enemies.

The Demon Catcher is also a very powerful Sniper that can 1 body shot even at low -level modules, although it has a flaw that is the travel time that required precise aiming. Besides that, the gun also has super Punch, More damage to the Cursed, Burning and Area Damage attribute that can help you getting kills easier although it already one-shots. Can deal up to 1014% damage with no modules, making it an excellent sniper for siege or raids.

4. Digital Sunrise Another powerful Sniper that has great damage, pretty high fire rate, high capacity. It is mostly 1 headshot and 1 body shot at high-level modules. The gun also has a Bleeding attribute which is great for finishing up low health enemies if they survived the first shot and Wall Break which helps to snipe enemies that are hiding behind a wall.
5. The Heavy Sniper Rifle is good for it's high damage output, pretty fast fire rate and good capacity. It is a 1 shot headshot and 2 shot bodyshot but can even 1 shot bodyshot with high level modules.

The Anti-Champion Rifle is a high damage Sniper that mostly 1 shot on the body with decent modules, it also comes with Wall Break attribute which is great for sniping enemies behind walls. Although it has some flaws which are the slow fire rate, reload speed and mobility.

Heavy sniper rifle.png
Anti-Champion Rifle.png
6. All Snipers listed in this tier are great. They all feature a fire rate between 67 and 73 and all of them kill with one shot to the head and two shots to the body.
Sniper Exoskeleton.png
7. These are the good Snipers that have Area Damage and high damage output, they are mostly 2 shots, but Eva can 1 shot with medium levelled elemental modules.
Deadmans Rifle.png
8. The Liquidator Z1 can be seen as a weaker version of Sniper Dude as it also have high fire rate and good Bleeding effect. It is mostly 2-3 shots kill.

The Inevitability is a very powerful Sniper that can 1 body shot with even low-level modules. The only flaw it has which is the limited range required the gun can only be used in close combat.

9. Somewhat inaccurate for a Sniper, but it is very powerful. At max charge, it can kill players in one shot, regardless of where you aim on the body. It can even kill players with the Reflector gadget active in one hit when fully charged. Its projectiles can Ricochet off of surfaces and deal more damage to enemies that are cursed.

The Bow Soul Card on the other hand is quite weaker than the Dragon Bite and does not deal more damage to the cursed, but it still can one shot on the body with high-level modules.

10. Masterpiece Musket A one of a kind Sniper weapon that is actually a shotgun. Its spread is very small but at longer ranges, it suffers more because of its spread. At close to somewhat long ranges, it excels as its damage is very high. It one shots players anywhere on the body if all of the pellets hit.
Masterpiece Musket-0.png


Tier Weapon Description Image

of Weapon

1. Heart of Volcano Currently one of the best Heavies in the game. It deals a good amount of damage with pretty fast travel time and can inflict Burning, the Area Damage is also quite big with the Chain Damage attribute that will help taking down a large group. The weapon has no delay at all and a pretty decent fire rate making this is viable for casual and Three Cat Spam plays. Although do note that it cannot rocket jump.
Heart of Volcano.png
2. Earth Spike Spell Earth Spike Spell is a very powerful Cluster Bomb weapon for a Legendary grade. It can 2 shot and even 1 shot if the module's level is high enough. It also does not have any delay making it a great weapon for both casual and Cat Spamming playstyles. However, remember not to stay close to the explosion as it can damage yourself.
Earth Spike Spell.png
3. Big B's Oven is a Cluster Bomb weapon that can 1 shot most of the time with just decent level modules if all the bombs hit. Besides that it also has a pretty decent fire rate and a fast travel time that is great for casual, but not so great for Three Cat Spam as it has Fixed Delay. The explosion also does self damage so you might want to stay a bit further away.

The Bedivere is like the Big B's Oven but with Looping Shot and a faster fire rate. The Burning effect of it also helps taking down large groups and low health enemies faster. It has rocket jump but no self-damage.

Big B's Oven.png
4. The Destruction System weapon is not what it used to be, but if used correctly, it is still a viable choice. Its explosion radius is astronomical, with high enough leveled modules, you can make the explosion bigger than the Christmas Ultimatum's explosion. Its damage is also very good as well, it is always a two shot if maxed. It also does not have any kind of delay making it a great Heavy for casualing and Three Cat Spamming. If you for some reason wish to, you can "snipe" players at a distance using a 4x scope mounted on the weapon.

On the other hand, the Lance Soul Card is considered by many to be an annoying Heavy as it deals with an insane amount of damage with a big Area Damage and a very strong Poison effect that can kill you in just a few seconds. Although it cannot rocket jump, can inflict self damage, and has a Fixed Delay that is not so great for Three Cat Spam.

Destruction System.png
5. Proton Freezer This weapon is a 2 shots kill with a pretty decent fire rate and a fast travel time. The Slow effect also helps to make the enemies easier to hit.
6. Despite only allowing one grenade in the chamber before having to reload when you shoot, this weapon is very powerful. It is 2 shots and sometimes even 1 shot with its grenades having the Looping Shot attribute and a large Area Damage radius. Rocket Jumping with this weapon is not recommended as you will damage yourself.

The Huge Boy can 1 shot enemies directly with just low-level modules and has a big Area Damage. However, it only has 1 bullet per magazine so make sure to aim before shooting otherwise it will be missed.

7. The Aboard Puncher has good damage, good fire rate and can inflict Disable Jump and Slow effect that comes in handy in a lot of situations, especially when going against bunny hoppers. Though do note that it does have Fixed Delay.

The Submarine Drone Station also has a good damage output like Aboard Puncher but with Random Effect attribute instead. It has an Enemy Detector that is useful in locating hidden enemies behind structures.

8. Christmas Ultimatum Not that good of a weapon anymore since it got nerfed. Though it is still viable enough as it does not have any kind of delay making this good for Cat Spam and pretty decent for casual playstyle.
Christmas Ultimatum.PNG
9. Dark Mage Wand The Dark Mage Wand decent weapon that can kill in 2-3 shots with instant travel time and Burning effect. Its Rocket Jump is not that great but can still be used to get up to ledges.
Staff 3 icon1 big.png
10. This weapon is still alright, but it really is only useful if you're a casual. Its damage has been heavily nerfed but if you're up close to the enemy, you can easily dispatch of them.

This weapon has a good Cluster Bomb but not very good damage but it can inflict Bleeding effect to enemies which will help killing low health opponents.