Everyone gets it, sometimes its a lag spike or you could just be getting continuous lag. For me, I usually always get lag with my weak 14gb tablet that can't handle much. On this blog, I will be telling you how to reduce lag off your device.

1) Applications (Apps)

Sometimes apps can run in the background slowing down your device make sure to find the settings to change it and make it so they can't run in the background (unless it's a texting app, you want to get messages from that)

Or you may have too many apps on your device taking up space and lagging your game, make sure to uninstall unnecessary apps.

2) Fps

Your game might be set to 60fps, which is good if you have a good device. But if your device is not to strong make sure to turn down the fps to 30.

3) Chat

Turn your in game chat off if you experience lag, it takes extra power for the game to be able to transmit the chat though the game and honestly, it just gets in your way when you're trying to see stuff.

4) Restart

Restarting your device usually clears any background stuff going on and can usually completely free up your game of any lag.

5) The Last Resort

If all of those don't work you could just try to play only in small maps only, which would get boring.

Or you could get a better device, but that costs a lot of money and usually, my options always work to make sure to use them all at once to get the best result.

Thanks for reading and have a good day :)

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