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The VIP Account is a system introduced in the 12.6.0 update.


It appears as a red sign that says "VIP" in silver. There are 4 steel crystals, 6 golden crystals, and 4 diamond crystals sticking out behind the said sign.


They are used for doubling the rewards (both Coin and Exp icon) from multiplayer matches for a certain period of time. Keys and Medals not doubled.


Formerly, an account can be purchased via microtransactions, lasting for 1 day, for $0.99, 7 days for $4.99, and 30 days for $9.99 USD.

An account was obtainable from the Lucky Chest for a determinate amount of hours.

In the 13.1.0 update, a player can be awarded with 1 day of VIP status from the Christmas Magic event. If earned again, it will increase by 1 day.


  • This system is a reintroduction of the Premium Account system.
    • However, like Premium Accounts, it was removed shortly in an update, with VIP Accounts being removed in the 13.0.0 update.
      • In the 13.1.0 update, it was introduced back as a prize for the Christmas Magic event.
  • VIP stands for "Very Important Person".
  • The VIP accounts from microtransactions last longer than the ones from the Lucky Chest.


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