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The VR Blasters is a Backup weapon introduced in the 18.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Game Developer Lottery.


It is a tech themed gun that has high fire rate, small capacity and high mobility.


It appears to be a VR headset and VR controllers that act as a gun. The controllers have wires that are attached to a mechanism on the back of the player that somehow looks similar to exoskeletons. The guns are holographic and color blue.


When shot, it fires holographic bullets with bullet travel and has area damage and can slow the enemy. It also has an optic sight which can be used for extra magnification and for the x-ray ability. When reloading, the player shakes the controllers that makes the holographic gun disappear for a while and then reappear.



  • Use this to slow down escaping enemies
  • Take time to aim as this gun has bullet travel.
  • Unlike other Back ups, it's mobility is quite high, so you can use it when you are moving around the map.
  • Use X-Ray vision as an advantage. If you are skilled, try pin-pointing enemies and attack them with long-range weapons like one-shot snipers.
  • This weapon has no fixed delay, and is viable for close range cat spam
  • It also has a small AoE so you can aim a little to the side if the player's feet.


  • Use a high mobility weapon to strafe and make its users waste their ammo.
  • If you get shot, rocket jump away until the slow effect wears off.
  • It has low damage for its fire rate, so a quick kill gun will easily beat any user.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip this with G00dc0de and Ban Hammer to gain its set effect of activating nuclear explosion upon death.



  • Initial release


  • The VR controllers are based off of the ones used on an HTC Vive.
  • It's the second backup with X-ray.The first one is the Pursuer Z3.
  • It is the 5th exoskeleton-like weapon that is not part of the exoskeletons set.
  • It has a unique scope.
  • Oddly, despite its name, the user is not wearing a pair of VR goggles.
  • Despite this they can be seen wearing what appears to be holographic VR goggles.
  • In one loading screen, a character is is using this weapon. However, the color scheme is different.
  • It kind of looks like the Hitman Exoskeleton.
  • The guns strongly resembles the Royal Revolver.

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