The Venom Nurse is a ranged enemy added in the 10.0.0 update that only appears in the Hospital campaign level. 


This monster is green and has a green, pumpkin-like face with a torn, white shirt. She has a white, square hat with a red cross, and she has no shoes on. She looks like a spitter version of Infected Nurse.


She will limp towards the player, when close enough to the player, she will stop and start spitting out a venom projectiles towards the player.



Health Damage Speed
Easy 2 Heart new 1Heart new Slow
Medium 2Heart new 1Heart new Slow
Hard 3Heart new 1Heart new Slow



  • Stay far away from these enemies their projectiles have travel time so the further away you are the easier it is to strafe around the projectiles pick off these enemies with snipers or weapons with scopes
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