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This article describes a weapon, for the Battle Pass season see the: Vikings Season.

It is an energy weapon that can fool any opponent easily. He may think you go melee and the plasma projectile flying in his surprised face will say "Nope".

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Viking is a Primary weapon introduced in the 15.2.0 update. It is obtainable during the Phoenix Season Battle Pass.

It is also available through the Time Traveler Event Set, along with the Gladiator, and Cursed Pirate.


It is a Viking themed weapon with the form of an axe and the performance of a shotgun. It deals very high damage especially at close ranges (2 shots are able to take down a max-armored player, including the Bleeding attribute). It also has a decent fire rate, somewhat low capacity and mediocre mobility.


It appears to be a pump-action shotgun with an L-shaped pump to make it look like a Dane Axe head. Another L-is on top of the "axe blade". The L on the inside is a mixture of orange and yellow. The back is brown, with what appears to be a red ribbon tied onto it. The trigger is about one-third of the way to the front from the back.

This weapon has a grey-orange-brown color scheme.


Like any other shotgun weapon, it shoots multiple pellets with a spread at once. The bullets are regular and have instant bullet travel time (hit-scan). When it shoots, purplish smoke flows out of the barrel, similar to the Steam Power and the Ultimatum. Moreover, its range is generally longer than most shotguns and can perform decently at long-range. Its fire rate is decent and is more of an intermediate between a shotgun with a fast fire rate (for example, Undertaker with a fire rate of 80) and another with a low fire rate (Ultimatum with a fire rate of 42). To add, it has an armor bonus, giving the user extra armor to survive and a bleeding effect which makes the opponent(s) temporarily lose some health.

When reloading, the player pushes a few shotgun rounds, one by one, into the bottom of the gun. This reload animation is similar to the Mega Destroyer and the Shotgun.

It gives delay on some weapons that are associated with Three Category Spam like the Thunderer and the Reflector. It also receives a delay if those weapons were shot, then quickly switched to this weapon.



  • Use this in small maps for close-range like Coliseum and Classic Pool, as you can make use of it to the fullest.
  • Avoid using this against long-range snipers, as you will be easily killed.
    • Switch to your own sniper or a long-ranged automatic backup.
  • Conserve ammo as this weapon's capacity is somewhat low.
  • If low on ammo, try to pair it with Lucky Shot or Turbo Charger.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage.
  • Storm Trooper Cape, Burning Tiara and Hunter's Altar, Halloween Mask and Piercing Shells/Leader's Drum make the work short.
  • Use this similarly to the Devastator or similar shotguns.
    • If possible, pair this shotgun with Turbo Charger to tighten its spread and shoot without spending ammo.
  • Unlike other shotguns, you do not have to use this as a utility weapon, as this can dominate by itself.
  • This weapon can be very useful in eliminating the Robot Samurai or Battle Mech.
  • The Bleeding attribute may finish off the opponent (if you got killed).
  • Switch to this weapon when in close combat.
  • Use a high mobility weapon when travelling around the map as this weapon's mobility is somewhat low.
  • Can be used for Three Category Spam.
  • Try to pick off user at close range.
  • Try to aim for the head.


  • If in a close range map, jump around and get a good headshot with a high damaging weapon.
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Strafe around them and over them. Try to avoid taking the majority of the shots, as you will take extreme damage.
  • If you are being attacked by a Viking user, try backpedaling to avoid a majority of the damage while using a weapon like the Secret Forces Rifle to finish then off. Or you can Rocket Jump away.
  • Do not be fooled by its looks, since it is a shotgun.
  • Try to avoid medium-range confrontation, since the Viking, similar to the Ultimatum, has a strangely low spread for a shotgun.
  • Counter these users with an even more powerful shotgun like the Ultimatum, to hopefully kill them in one shot before you die. Be aware though, if you plan to use the Ultimatum, aim carefully, it is far slower than the Viking, despite being twice as powerful.
  • If all else fails, fight fire with fire. Use this weapon yourself to counter it.
  • Use weapon sets to counter its bleeding effect.


Information Image
  • Name: Winter Rune
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Trader's Van; cost depends on level
  • Grade: Epic
  • Released: 17.1.1
Winter rune viking.png
  • Name: Dead Eye
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Trader's Van; cost depends on level
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 18.2.2

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring a scoped weapon (A sniper) for long ranges.
  • A melee weapon that has at least a mobility of 85 for a retreat. Have a medium-long range automatic back up and a good sniper. (The Multitaskers can also be used as the light mobility weapon and the medium-long range back up. However, you may want a scoped backup. In that case, get the Exterminator , which most players should get.)
  • This is a useful add-on to Sniper Category Spammers.
    • Being a shotgun this weapon greatly delivers what most players would expect from a shotgun and more. Although very powerful and would provide decent gameplay for seasoned shotgun players, this weapon would still provide similar gameplay to any other shotgun users, but worth attempting to get from the start.
    • Bring in the Pulling Sucker Gun, Vertical Grip Device, Jet Spear or Pocket Harpoon, so you can get very close to the enemy and then kill them with the Viking.
  • Bring a fast firing rate automatic such as the Killer Chord to help with this weapon's mediocre fire rate.


This weapon is undoubtedly very popular among Pixel Gun 3D players. In fact, by demand, this is one of the most wanted weapons in the game, next to the Ultimatum. This weapon is loved by most players, but at the same time, others dislike it, usually either due to its performance or the fact that it's popular.

In the social media of the game, including the Pixel Gun 3D Facebook and Pixel Gun 3D Discord, some players requested this weapon somehow returning to the game. So, in December 2019, this weapon was returned a couple of times in the Trader's Van with a Christmas skin.

However, as of the 21.2.3 update, it seems that this shotgun was not used very often due to its Nerf of a shotgun rework.


Judging from its name, "Viking" means any of the Scandinavian seafaring pirates and traders who raided and settled in many parts of north-western Europe in the 8th–11th centuries. Given that it is a weapon that is part of the Time Traveler set, it makes sense, because it does look like a weapon that a Viking would use, but rather only as a melee weapon.



  • Initial release.
  • There was a bug when the opponent took a direct hit, the opponent would freeze for a few seconds. It was patched about 1 week later.


  • The range is slightly nerfed (but it can still perform decently in medium-range) and it is 1 shot kill at close range (it seemed to switch between a one-shot kill and a two-shot kill before).



  • This weapon was removed from Magic Brawl and moved to the Realistic Brawl.



  • It received a shotgun reworked, its damage was also reduced.


  • This is commonly used for Three Category Spam due to its high damage and low spread.
  • This was the very first Mythical shotgun in the game.
  • The axe head is similar to the Dane ax, a weapon used during the Viking age and early Middle Ages.
    • This is why it is called the Viking.
    • Although this weapon looks like an axe, it cannot be used as a melee weapon.
  • The main aspect of this weapon's appearance (the Ax design) looks familiar to the one used by Kratos from the God of War series.
  • It is one of the 4 Battle Pass weapons introduced in the 15.2.0 update along with the Heart of Volcano, Gladiator, and Cursed Pirate.
  • This is the first shotgun to feature the "Armor Bonus" and "Bleeding" attribute. However, the Devastator and Photon Shotgun have the "Burning" effect.
  • This weapon was usable in the Magic Brawl but for some reason it was moved to the Realistic Brawl.
  • For reasons unknown, its armor bonus Attribute doesn't seem to work.


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