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The Virtual Marathon is a minigame map introduced in the 12.0.0 update. This is a map for the minigame Extreme Run.


It is an endless map. The first green platforms are included in the safe zone, while the blue platforms are the normal platforms. These platforms change often by shape. Red spikes and red walls appear often. They are dangerous obstacles. Every 1000th score, a small green platform usually appears, where on the above, a Coin.png appears. However, this type of green platform is not included in the safe zone.


  • Avoid all red walls and red spikes.
  • Do not worry of dying in safe zone, as you get to restart the minigame without any pain of getting a low score.
  • If you have a Gem.png, try buying a Shield, in case if you can easily hit a wall or step on a spike strip.
    • However, note that the Shield is useless if you fall down from the map. It only protects you from being damaged by the walls and spikes only once.
  • You automatically move. All you have to do is jump when there are gaps between platforms.
    • Note that swiping left or right changes your direction of where you are going, so control yourself as best as you can.


  • Currently, this is the only map available in Extreme Run.
  • This map is endless.
  • From the looks of it, it resembles the map ???.
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