The Volcanic Soil is a Terrain introduced in the 12.0.0 update. It is also a terrain in the Clan Fort.


It appears as a cube with solidified lava basalt on the top, which is floating on lava. In the middle section of the cube, there is a layer of tachylite, and on the bottom section, it has a pool of magma.



It is used to tremendously increase the chance of Mythical pets hatching.


It replaces the default Desert terrain with a volcanic soil terrain.


Lava themed.


  • This terrain's block model doesn't have to do anything with Minecraft blocks.
    • However, this may be based on the Magma Block from Minecraft.
  • It fits with the Frozen Lava Road.
  • Though it is not made of any soil at all, rather stages of rocks being molten into magma: basalt at the uppermost layer, tachylite in the middle, and magma underneath the rocks.
  • This terrain cannot be removed.
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