War of Toys is a multiplayer map introduced in the 16.4.0 update.


The map takes place in a child's bedroom. The room contains multiple windows with sky blue wallpaper containing clouds, and a door at the back. There are various pieces of furniture around the room, such as a bed near the west end of the room, and a crib in the east.


  • Sniper weapons are the most effective weapon in this map due to the amount of high places one could use.
    • In addition, Heavy weapons are mostly effective one the ground due to amount of climbable objects.
  • Try to gain high ground against your enemies.
  • Stick to cover while on the ground.
  • Avoid being under the crib/bed for too long due to possibility of enemies spawnkilling.


  • The map is heavily inspired by Andy's Room from Toy Story.
  • It is the third map where you appear ant-sized, the others being Ant's Life and Christmas Dinner.
  • It also appears that the room is part of the house connected with the map Ant's (as the kitchen ) and War of Toys (as the kid's room).


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