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Warehouse Assault is a large-sized multiplayer map in Pixel Gun 3D. It is one of the most played on multiplayer maps.


The map has a large warehouse in the main staging area. Outside the warehouse entry is a ramp, as well as several cargo containers stacked variously throughout the map. There is also a stack of containers that have planks to form a tower, ideal for sniping or having high ground. Outside the main building, is a police car and a van belonging to the S.B.D.P, showing that there must be a drug bust or gang bust taking place. There is also a flying helicopter at one of the edges of the map, which is a common spawnpoint.


  • Use long ranged weapons like the Hellraiser or the Elf's Revenge.
    • However, in certain occasions, this is a closed range map, like inside the warehouse. In there, use close ranged weapons like the Dark Matter Generator.
  • Rocket Jump in order to reach higher distances in this map.
  • Do not stand still. Keep strafing attacks as much as you can while killing other players.
  • Do not worry of any map hazards, because this map doesn't have any.
  • You can climb up into the helicopter and snipe down opponents from above, though make sure to get there quickly or undetected as enemies can easily gun you down when you're still climbing.


  • There are ladders that allow the player to automatically ascend when they walk to it.


  • Initial release.
  • Removed from the game.
  • Reintroduced and updated the map design.
  • Increased the fog.
  • Added ladders around the map.
  • The map name in the menu selection became lowercased.
  • Reworked to include minor changes, including active police cars, a sign on the warehouse and a truck in the warehouse. The Helicopter from the center of the map was replaced by a Police Helicopter which its now a spawn point. In addition, the background music has been updated. The old version of this map was also removed.


  • The map seems to take place in another section of the City map from Pixelated World.
  • It is based on the "cs_assault map" from the video game, Counter-Strike.
  • In older versions, this map was set in the day.
  • The map has been removed in the 10.3.0 update as part of the removal of "unpopular maps".
    • However, it was brought back in the 12.1.0. update.
  • As of the 12.1.0 update, the map had a few slight modifications. For example, the borders of the blue and red cargoes are now gray and thick.
    • In the 12.2.0 update, the map has been modified again, the map became foggy, making it hard to see from long distance.
    • In the 12.5.0 update, the map has been modified once again, because of the addition of ladders.
    • in the 17.5.0 update, the map received a design overhaul, which now features active police vehicles with sirens, one of those police vehicles also replaced the SWAT van that was one there.
  • In the 12.5.3 update, in the Map Selection, the letters of this map's name became lowercased, except its initials (Warehouse Assault WDSArrow1.pngWarehouse Assault).
  • S.B.P.D stands for San Blocksisco Police Department. San Blockcisco is an unreal city in the game lore. It exist in the gallery of Desert Eagle, Secret Forces Rifle, and Uzi-uzi.


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