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The Wayfarer is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.7.1 update. It can be obtained by purchasing it from the Tournament Shop for 30 Golden Tournament Tickets or 660 Regular Tournament Tickets.


"This weapon is being processed, and the description will appear soon"


The butt of the rifle bears a small resemblance to Project 'Marlin', Project Rapid Flock, and Project Dolphin. The handle of the trigger bears another resemblance to the Combat Knife. The barrel itself is a shadow-purple color, and bears a resemblance to Comet. The metal armor on the gun resembles Black Hole (weapon). When reloading, the animation looks similar to how you would reload the Deadly Tail.


Due to this weapon having travel time, it is recommended that you predict where your opponent will be to aim as many shots as possible. When reloading, it isn't necessary to pick up any ammo as it possesses the Unlimited Ammo attribute.



  • Aim at the location your opponent would be at because this has travel time.


  • This weapon has travel time, so use a weapon with instant travel time or a fast firing weapon to make short work of the user.



  • Rocket speed increased from 1100 to 1200.


  • This is the third weapon to possess the Unlimited Ammo attribute, the others being Flat Rifle and Glitched Machine Gun.
  • It's first primary weapon Introduced into the Tournament shop.
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