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Weapon Rental is a weapon offer given at a random time after playing a match.


At the end of a certain match, the player will be offered a weapon in which they can use in two or three matches. Once they used it in two or three matches, they will be given a limited time offer, of one hour, 30 minutes, or 10 minutes to buy it at (typically) 50% to 70% off or using real money. Sometimes, if the weapon is cheap, it will give a 10% or 20% discount.

Weapons chosen

The weapons that will be offered are usually the unowned weapons found at the very bottom of the weapon categories in the Armory. These weapons are usually the strongest weapons with the highest levels. However, the rental weapon is always upgraded to your level. If you do buy it, it will be at that level that you played with.


  • Some players may struggle to grind coins for rented weapon as it happens randomly in a while,and sometimes the weapon may be a good weapon. To prevent this, whenever you have tons of coins, try not to waste coins on unnecessary items.


  • In the older updates, it was possible to extend the offer by changing the date and time in the settings.
  • In the 16.7.0 update, this mechanic has been returned.
  • It also seems that the more money you have(not exceeding the actual cost)the more expensive the weapon is.
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