The Webcrawler is an enemy introduced in the 16.0.0 update that can be found in the Virtual World campaign level Cubic.



It appears to be a robot wielding two cyan-colored blades. It also has what seems to be a “core”, which is a bright red. 


The robot will walk towards you until close enough to attack. When attacking, it swings its blade dealing a fair amount of damage. Occasionally, the robot will turn invincible. It will take a similar appearance to that of a player using the Stealth Bracelet or Sword of Shadows.  



  • When fighting this enemy stay far away and strafe around it.
  • Take out other enemies before fighting this one. 
  • Get on top of barriers or walls where this monster cannot reach you, and attack them with a ranged weapon. 
  • Use the BIG DATA when attacking this enemy. 
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