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Who let the dogs out?

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Werewolf is a Backup weapon introduced in the 16.1.0 update. It can be obtained for a limited time as part of the Superhero Trader's Van event in the Armory.


It is a black, superhero-themed pistol that shoots bullets that can attack, lifesteal and bleed players. It has good damage, a good fire rate, good capacity, and good mobility. It is a 3 shot kill, which makes it quite powerful.


It appears to be a werewolf themed pistol, with black and white details.


This is a high-damaging Backup weapon that heals your health points after hitting the enemy (if amount of HP is lower than 100) and it gives your opponents Bleeding.png effect. While shooting, player quickly rises up and lowers the pistol. The bullets don't have travel time and leave transparent parents behind themselves.

The Werewolf shoots 13 times, then reloads. While reloading, player takes off the magazine from the weapon, puts some bullets in it and puts the magazine back to weapon. The reload animations is 2 seconds long.



  • Use it in close to medium range, as the accuracy isn't very good.
  • Don't use it as a Utility weapon. Although it has a healing ability, you can't rely on it due to only healing 3 HPH(health per hit).
  • Use the bleeding attribute to your advantage.
  • The lifesteal on this weapon can be useful when you're on low health.
  • Use it on weakened enemies if possible.
  • use magazine module to extend your ammo.


  • It deals pretty high damage when aimed to the head, so stay away from these users. Not to mention it has lifesteal and bleeding.
  • Try to counter the users from a long range.
  • Strafe around the users as the fire rate isn't very fast.
  • Jump around to ensure his ammo is wasted.
  • Counter the users when they're reloading.


Information Image
  • Name: Fenrir
  • Cost: Vaulted at the moment
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 18.2.2

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Similar to most Life Steal weapons, it is best if it is used as a utility weapon when low on health or when out of ammo.


  • Initial release
  • It was available in the Trader's Van at a lower cost of 340 coins, but this was fixed and the price was multiplied by 4-5.


  • It recieved a skin as part of a Halloween weapon skin contest. 
  • It was buffed by 20%.


  • The weapon itself might be a reference to Black Panther.
  • This is a second Backup weapon with Lifesteal attribute.

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