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The Winged Revolver is a Backup weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update.


Winged Revolver is a Greek mythology themed Back Up weapon introduced in the Olympian Season Battle Pass. It deals decent damage, has average capacity, and high mobility.


The weapon is mostly white with gold designs around the end of the barrel and on the handle. At the rear of the weapon is a pair of wings mounted resembling the Greek God Hermes. It has a light blue trigger and the magazine is white with light blue colors.


When shot, the weapon fires off a bullet that has travel time and will ricochet 3 times and then explode. It is a 3 shot to the body, and a 2 shot to the head

It receives delay when weapons such as Anti Champion Rifle is fired and then quickly switched to this weapon.



  • Make use of its high mobility and the Double Jump attribute by using it to traverse the map and strafe enemy shots.
  • Use this in maps that have long hallways, corridors, or walls as you can take advantage of the Ricochet attribute.


  • This gun doesn't do well in long ranges, so pick off its users from long range with a Sniper.
  • Burst the user with high damaging heavies such as Destruction System.
  • Bullets are relatively easy to dodge, so strafe and take time to aim.

Recommended Maps 

Maps with many long hallways, corridors, or walls, such as:

So you can make use of the Ricochet attribute.

Equipment Setups 

  • Bring a powerful Sniper for long-range combat
  • Bring an automatic weapon to finish off weakened opponents.



  • Initial release.


  • It looks similar to the Harpy but smaller.
  • It is the second weapon to have the Double Jump attribute after the Bunny Smasher.
  • Despite not saying, this weapon gives a tremendous speed boost.
  • This appears to be modeled after the Greek god Hermes, as Hermes was known for his winged sandals and speed.

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