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The Wonder Vest is a piece of equipment introduced to Pixel Gun World in the Superheroes Update and has various upgrades. It differs from the normal Armor due to its higher durability.


  • The Wonder Vest is a red and white vest with a blue bottom.
  • The Wonder Vest Up1 and Up2 is quite identical to the Wonder Vest, except that white and short sleeves are put in.
  • The Wonder Armor, Up1 and Up2 is more bold, has separated sleeves with thorns and other details.

Upgrade Path

Wonder Vest

  • 3000 PGW Coin.png, 34 shields, middle defense.
  • Up1: 3000 PGW Coin.png, 46 shields, middle defense.
  • Up2: 3000 PGW Coin.png, 52 shields, high defense.

Wonder Armor

  • 4500 PGW Coin.png, 86 shields, high defense.
  • Up1: 4500 PGW Coin.png, 116 shields, high defense.
  • Up2: 4500 PGW Coin.png, 152 shields, great defense.


  • It provides the same protection of the Dragon Armor, but differs from it aesthetically.
  • It also is similar to the armor that Wonder Woman wears.
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