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The X-Ray Glasses is a Gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update. It allows its users to see other players through solid objects.


It appears to be a set of large, futuristic-themed luxurious goggles. Its color scheme consists of red, yellow, brown, blue, and black. The glasses' lenses are blue-colored with a golden "$" symbol on their right and left parts. The strap behind lenses that swifts the player's head is mainly gray colored with two blue small squares at its attachment points. The lenses are attached to the golden-colored part with several brown accents on its body. There's a gray plate on this part which is mainly gray colored and has one red and three blue details imprinted on it.


This Gadget is good for sudden attacks and escaping from your enemies. When used, the player will be able to see the other players through solid objects as red or blue-colored figures. Opponents will appear red-colored while teammates will appear blue colored. In addition, upon activation the user's view camera will be slightly covered by the Glasses' lens. After a maximum of 12 seconds of using the gadget, the player will need to wait for 33 seconds to use it again. While holding the gadget, its lenses shine.



  • Use this Gadget with a weapon with WallBreak.png attribute like the Thunderer and shoot the opponents through the walls.
  • Use this whenever attempting Wall Break WallBreak.png kills for either Clan Tasks or Battle Pass Challenges.
    • Even better equip the Portalius set to remove the decrease in damage when shooting through a wall.
  • Camp in one place while using the Gadget and suddenly attack the enemies who come to you. However, move quickly since you will be vulnerable if you camp for too long.
  • Don't use Oracle module combination while using the Gadget, as they both feature the same Attribute.
  • Use the Cooking Totem, Soulstone or Ghost Lantern as it will deal the same amount of damage and ignores the wall break nerf.
  • For best performance, use this in maps with many corridors, walls and obstacles such as Silent School.
  • Use this to predict enemies coming around corners or out from behind walls.
  • This is very effective in Duels.
  • If needed you can use this to run away from players as you can see which direction they are coming from and head in the opposite one.


  • Don't hide in one place when your enemy uses this Gadget.
  • Use this Gadget by yourself for countering opponents who use it.
  • If you don't have this gadget, use the Oracle module combination can be an effective counter.
  • Since most wall break weapons leave a laser trail, use it to deduce the user's location.
  • Equip a weapon with that Blocks Gadgets GadgetBlocker.png such as the Neutron Pulsator.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 45 Seconds 4 Seconds
Tier 1 44 Seconds 4 Seconds
Tier 2 43 Seconds 6 Seconds
Tier 3 42 Seconds 6 Seconds
Tier 4 41 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 5 40 Seconds 8 Seconds
Tier 6 39 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 7 38 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 8 37 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 9 36 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 10 35 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 11 34 Seconds 11 Seconds
Final Tier 33 Seconds 12 Seconds



  • Initial release


  • This is one of the first (among all the Gadgets that were added in 17.5.0) Gadgets which can be obtained only through the Clans System.
  • It is a remodel of an unreleased asset version of this Gadget. The original version had green glasses and the rest of the glasses was mostly gray.
  • When wearing this in the Armory, it looks as if your character is money hungry because of the two dollar signs being on right on top of the eyes.
  • This is the first and only gadget to have the x-ray Attribute.
  • However, there are plenty of weapons with it.
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