The Yeti is an enemy introduced only in Winter Island map.


Much like the Zombie, it will walk to the player, but unlike the zombie it struggles upon avoiding obstacles.



It looks almost like a white version of the Walking Bear, has vicious looking eyes, and his arms are wide open, and slightly bent. It has a white thick fur, varying in different colors of white and gray. It has large gray eyes with black eyeballs.


Its stats differ from each modes. Here are their differences to each other:

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 3Heart new 15Heart new Slow
Medium 3Heart new 21Heart new Slow
Hard 3Heart new 24Heart new Slow


  • It resembles the Yeti in some certain movies.
  • The Yeti has different appearance in the native country, where it is much more demon, devil creature like monster.
  • In most stories Yetis are big gorilla-like creatures. However, in this version, the Yeti is quite small and resembles a bear.
    Polar Bear

    A full appearance of the Yeti.

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