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The Zap Blaster is a Primary weapon introduced in the 17.4.0 update as part of the Alien General set.


It is an alien themed machine gun that shoots projectiles that act like rockets and that have a head enlargement attribute. It has good damage, a slow fire rate, good capacity, and low mobility.


It appears to be a yellow, orange, and purple space-alien ray rifle topped off with some light blue outlining.. It has a backwards, grey grip, and an orange part at the bottom, an orange "receiver", a blue magazine, a cyan barrel, and an orange/navy-red stock. As well as a yellow, guard-less trigger, to top it all off.


This weapon automatically shoots blue-to-purple projectiles that act like rockets, but without area damage. They have a fast bullet travel time and medium range. This weapon can also enlarge the heads of the opponents, making these players easier opponents to pick off.

When reloading, the player takes out the clip and replaces it by another.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Zap Blaster will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Never use this weapon for long ranges, because it does not have fast travel time.
  • Use the "Head Enlargement" attribute to your advantage. Weaken opponents with this, and then finish them off with something like the Archangel.
  • Pair this with the Energy Shield to attack and hide from the opponent simultaneously.
  • Use this in Headshot only brawls or challenges


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • When you get hit by it, rocket jump away to recover from its head enlargement effect.
  • You will be very vulnerable from most weapons if you get hit by it, so you must either dodge as much as possible or hide.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a good Sniper weapon for long ranges, and a powerful shotgun if Zap Blaster runs out of ammo.



  • Initial release


  • It returned in the traders van.


  • This weapon is a part of Martian General Event Set.
  • Zap Blaster is the first Primary weapon that can allow the user to Rocket Jump.
    • Although it is not a "true" 100% Rocket Jump, because you can Rocket Jump only if you shoot a wall in front of you, you can't jump if you shoot under your feet.

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