The Zombie Flying Pig boss is the boss found in Sky Islands.


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 3 Heart new 30 Heart new Very Fast
Medium 3 Heart new 34 Heart new Very Fast
Hard 3 Heart new 38 Heart new Very Fast


It will fly in a straight line at eye level, much like the Flying Pig. When it gets close, it will attack you by shaking momentarily and biting the player.


It is merely a green version of the Flying Pig, with a slightly wider face, longer wings, and red eyes. It appears to have little fangs sprouting from the bottom jaw. The nostrils are not exactly proportional in size to one another.


  • It's skin used to resemble a zombie pigman from the game 'Minecraft'.
  • In the comic, it is shown that the survivors have cooked the pig above a fire and ate it.
  • The face can be seen on the Evil Pig Hammer.


  • When fighting this boss, use powerful weapons or slow down weapons if you can against it as the boss is very fast, as well as you don't have to worry about wasting ammo.
  • Simply use any kind of weapon that you see fit, as long as you keep moving away from this boss.
  • Try to get headshots to kill it faster.
  • Use an area damage heavy.
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